Self Healing

"No tengo por qué dar explicaciones

No le debo nada a nadie

Si me quiero caer, me caigo

Y si me rompo, no importa,

Que yo sola me reparo."

-Denise Márquez


"I don't have To give explanations.

I don't ow nothing to anybody

If I wanna fall apart, I will fall

And if I break, it doesn't matter,

I will repair myself."

-Denise Marquez

I felt identified with these words I found a few days ago because it something I've felt guilty about or even seen myself as week for having days that I fall apart, like I'm suppose to be strong all the time or I'm looking for pity by doing this. But I also embrace these words because thru the years I have had to fix my own wounds, get back up from devastated pain and break completely and utterly apart to be who I am today. We meet people everyday and make the smallest interaction with them and sometimes without realizing it just one kind sentence saves that person. We live in a world that is meant to be advanced but at the same time is so cruel and close minded to topics that have been discussed for years, conversations that we have hability to understand but decide to be ignorant, which is why there is such a stigma with subjects like mental health. But this is a real matter that takes people we love way from us, that affect and destroys families.

It is easy to brush someone off as they are being to extra or emotional, sadly as a person in my case who has depression, anxiety and PTSD from childhood trauma I have become the person describe in this paragraph, someone who will repair themselves and this will sometimes taking longer than thr previous time but eventually I get up and live, and for that simple decision I give thanks to God because it is scary to wonder if next time I will not.

Do not disregard people who you know are hurting and people who are hurting it is OK NOT TO BE OK.

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