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Updated: Feb 3

This project comes from my heart and it's personal. I learn to be an adult alone no help or support from family, but I gained so much from these experiences and lost on the way. I had a childhood that marked me in ways that I'm still working through but sometimes I wonder what would have happened if i made the worst decisions because of this. I have still made plenty of mistakes as a mother, woman, sister and friend but I think what if I had different life and honestly although there many things I would change, I still feel I needed to be on this path.

One day I was thinking I know there many women who go through these feeling, thoughts, fears, and just questioning what to do next and how difficult or scary it can be to look for help or just tell anyone what is happening in our lives without looking weak. This moment I knew I wanted to do something about it for all of us WOMEN and it's when the idea came to me a virtual safe space for us. Next day i ask a few coworkers and close ladies to me and they all liked the idea, so I bought a notebook and started making plans for this project Let's Talk. A virtual safe space was initiated as a thought i wanted to put in action to be a community For Women by Women.

We should be able to be vulnerable and speak our truth without being judged. I'll start with mine I'm a victim no scratch that A survivor from sexual abuse as a child, I have had self-harm and suicide thoughts, I have depression, I have PTSD from childhood trauma, anxiety, struggled with motherhood, and a horrible childhood. BUT I'm a proud mother, a survivor, a fighter and a woman who will not give up on being my best version.

I have also learned how amazing us women can be supporting each other thru difficult times because I found that this past year with great ladies I work with, i found support where i did not know I could and that has left me with such an amazing experience. So, Ladies Let's Talk....

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