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Updated: Jun 16

My name is Jacqueline Villalba, born in Dominican Republic. I have lived everywhere Miami, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Boston, New York, New Jersey and now Georgia is home. I have two beautiful girls. And in all honestly, I am a homebody at most and try to keep my mind busy with work, I like to dance and meet new people, also just watching movies. I have had a horrible and beautiful life so far. Have been an immature young adult that made many mistakes that I am today realizing but I do believe I have changed and well about time I am 33. I experienced sexual, mental and physical abuse as a child, but it came a point in my life where I needed to learn how to deal with the pain instead of using it as an excuse for people to feel pity for me or justify my bad decisions as i grew up. I have depression, PTSD from childhood trauma and anxiety but mostly I have the willingness to work and recognize my problems. My dream for this journey is to make this project a nonprofit to help other women but more than a community for us to be safe. Hopefully i get to meet all of you amazing women and help somehow.

PS: I am a good listener, and our doors will always be open.

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