Falling a part

On a personal note feeling like everything is shifting and taken away in one day for some with mental issues is like my world being destroyed. Hard to process all the emotions, ups and downs, self doubt and the non stop crying. Once you fall it is so difficult to pick up the pieces and get the strength to pick yourself up just seems easier to give into the sadness. I find myself looking at every aspect that put me in this situation and want to punish myself because I put myself in this position in the first place then comes the justifying and saying I deserve this, or self pity accompanied by guilt. All these emotions are yet magnified by the actions or opinions of the people who know what happen just the moment facts and you can get dang I'm sorry or I told you so, at this you feel like isolating to not hear any side of the conversation. Being alone would seem to be an option at this point but let's be honest for someone with depression and anxiety that could mean unthinkable number of thoughts and feelings rushing thru your body every Second and must believe the result in not pretty and can be even dangerous for some. I do not know what I am going to do to feel better, I do not wanna hear pep talks, I want support but be left alone, my mind hurts and wanna turn off the water works because Lord who knew we could cry so much right. So this is a dilemma 😕

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