"Depression is not real, it's in your head"

This is phrase we hear so much when it comes to mental health because this is not a real fact with older generations. Trying to have a conversation about the reality we live in where many have lost theirs lives to this disease is devastating and upsetting to a point because no matter the actual facts and advances in our day regarding mental health there are still some people who remain ignorant to the truth. Saying "I am depressed" is being seen as weak in many households or us just being spoiled to circumstances in our lives, this disease does not care for our wealth, amenities or accommodations in life. Every person has their own opinion and perspective about this matter but not because they do not agree with someone it gives them the right to disregard others. Hearing that depression and many other mental illnesses are just in our mind and to suck it up is a insulting and sad stigma that follows a very dangerous and serious issue. Mental health is not a myth or an excuse millennials made up as a way to complain about life and not being tough enough but a disease that takes lives every day. So please stop telling us in "your days that did not exist" just because others where raised to ignore their emotions and "just suck it up" , it does not make them better people or more mature when it comes to handling life. Many young children and teenagers stay bottled up with all these heavy feelings and thoughts that leads them to being adults with major issues when it comes to taking control in their life just because the fear of not being heard by their family or just having an idea of bringing the subject into the light.

As per a personal experience I had so many issues growing up and went through many different types of abuse and not knowing what mental health was or why those things were happening or even if it was my fault,this took me into a dark and horrible road of serious mental health illness. Today I go to therapy and it helps so much. But yet I hear people telling me depression is not real and if I feel brave enough and trust this person to let them know my painful journey all I get is "I'm so sorry, but you have to be strong and that's the past" the audacity is upsetting.

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