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I am

I am Mia Juleyn mother

I am Ivana Michelle mother

I am jeans wife

I am Matilde Batista daughter

I am unnamed daughter

I am richard, Ricky and Liz sister

I am a survivor of sexual abuse and rape

I am depression, chronic anxiety and PTSD from childhood trauma

I am strong

I am woman

I am a fighter

I am a person who had mental breakdowns when the pain was to much to bare

I am someone who has fall more times than I can count and get back up even more

I am happiness and sadness at the same time

I am vulnerable

I am all the ugly and beautiful in my soul

I am my experiences who lead me to be who I am today

I am a person who has made mistakes

I am a woman with a past full of mistakes, pain and beauty


And shame on anyone who will use who I am to break me down to hurt me to keep me from my children

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